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General Guidelines

General Guidelines
School Board
The MACS Board is composed of the principal, pastor, treasurer, Home and School leader, education secretary, preschool director, members at large from constituent churches, and the Illinois Conference Superintendent of Schools. The School Board chairman is elected from among its constituent membership.
The School Board will meet monthly and/or as needed during the school year. Board members have authority to conduct school business only during officially called board meetings.
Student Dress
Appropriate clothing for students at MACS is based on simplicity, modesty, cleanliness, neatness and safety.  These guidelines have been developed to reduce the competition between students in what they wear.  Different school activities will at times require different types of dress.  School staff will have the authority to decide whether a student is appropriately dressed and may require the student to make the necessary changes.
Attire that is consistent with a wholesome Christian environment is required.  Students must come in dress code or they will not be allowed to attend class that day (no exceptions allowed).
The dress code for this academic school year is as follows:

  1. Long pants (no jeans)
  2. Shirts in any color (one shirt will be purchased of school color)
  3. In cooller temperatures long sleeve or short sleeve turtleneck under short sleeve shirt will be acceptable
  4. Hoodies (of school color)
  5. Tennis shoes or covered toed shoes
  6. Walking shorts (to the knee)
  7. Shirts and dresses to the knee
  8. Shorts or leggings to be worn under skirts during activities

Clothing considered inappropriate at all times includes:

  1. Tight fitting clothing
  2. See through clothing
  3. Sleeveless shirts and blouses; tank tops
  4. Skirts or dresses not of a modest length
  5. Clothing with slogans/pictures contrary to school principles, including rock bands, alcohol or tobacco products or anything associated with illegal drugs
  6. Clothing which reveals midriff or back
  7. Grubby, ragged or torn clothing
  8. Baggy or sagging jeans/pants
  9. Flip-flops

 Students are expected to maintain a natural personal appearance, no colored nail polish—clear polish is acceptable, and jewelry of any kind is not permitted to be worn at school or school functions.  
Home and School Association
When parents and teachers work together, the school program is greatly enhanced. The church selects a Home and School Leader to give leadership to the Home and School Association. All parents are part of this association. The association plans and supports monthly meetings, financial projects, and any other activities to enrich the school program. Parents are strongly encouraged to work with the leader and to support the activities.
Computers and Network Usage Policy
Computers and network access are available to students and teachers at MACS. Our objective is to create a safe educational environment by facilitating innovation and communication.
To maintain a safe and functional computing environment, it is mandatory that each staff and student sign a Terms and Conditions of Use policy if he or she wishes to use these resources. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the policies set forth by the School Board and in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois, and the United States of America.

Any individual who intentionally misuses these resources will be subjected to disciplinary actions of the school as well as the laws of the land.
 The school telephone number is 502-654-6227 or 502-654-MACS. Students may use the phone to call their parents only with the permission of the teacher and only in an emergency. If it is necessary for a parent to speak with the teacher, please call during the half hour before or after school. Parents are requested not to contact the teacher when classes are in session, except in an emergency.


Parents are encouraged to provide their children with a wholesome, nutritious lunch. It is suggested that lunches not contain meats or meat products. * Pork products and drinks with caffeine should not be brought to school. These guidelines also apply to field trips or any function of the school involving food.
Hot Lunches may be served occasionally with advanced notice for an additional fee.  Students are free to order lunches on those days.
Recesses are spent outdoors except on days when the teacher judges the weather to be unsatisfactory. Students need to have the appropriate items of clothing depending on the weather. If you would like your child to stay indoors as a result of illness or other factors, please send a written note. This privilege should not be abused by requesting excessive indoor recesses. When alternative supervision is not available for the student remaining inside, the entire class may have to spend recess indoors to accommodate the special request.

Field Trips
Parents are asked to sign a permission slip for students to participate in activities off -campus. A student without a permission slip will not be allowed to leave the campus. For field trips that are repeated, such as to the public library or nursing home visits, a blanket field trip form will be given to cover all occurrences.

School Activities

The school presents several programs each year. These programs may include a Christmas program, singing for the worship service at church, Education Sabbath, the Annual School Picnic, Science Fair (or alternative Fine Arts/Bible/Social Studies Fairs), eighth grade graduation, and other activities designated by the school board. Since these are part of the regular school program, students are expected to attend and to take part.
School Pictures

Pictures of pupils are taken by professional photographers each fall. The pictures are offered to parents for optional purchase.

Each child is covered by a low-cost limited insurance policy. The policy provides secondary accident coverage to your child while he/she is participating in official school activities. The insurance is provided as a service.
Supervision Before and After School

Any students arriving at school before 8:15 a.m. or who are not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal must check in at the Preschool. Parents will be charged for this service. There are to be no students left unsupervised on the school grounds or in the building.
Parents can sign up their children for the after school program.  Before school care will begin at 6:30 am and end at 7:45 am Monday through Friday, and after school care will begin at 3:15 pm and end at 5:30pm Monday through Thursday and 4:00pm on Fridays.  Times will be adjusted based on parents/students requirements.  This will be a structured program organized by the teacher and supervised by the after school leader.

All board and interested church members and prospective parents are encouraged to visit the school. As a courtesy, please make prior arrangements with either the principal or a teacher.
Parents’ Participation
Parents of our students are welcome to be at school at any time and are encouraged to participate in and assist with school activities both in and out of the classroom.  Any parent/guardian who chooses to volunteer to assist with field trips or have any contact with students will be required to have a background check per the Mid-America Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists guidance.  The same rules of engagement will apply to any volunteer who wish to assist in the advancement of the MACS students’ success.
Loading and Unloading Students
Please follow the driveway around so that the passenger side of your car is adjacent to the sidewalk for loading and unloading. If you find it necessary to park your car, please do so in the parking lot rather than in front of the sidewalk.

School Closing Due to Weather
When the Principal deems the weather and driving conditions to be questionable for holding school, she will notify the Emergency Closings Center, which will publish a school closing or late opening announcement on television and radio stations in the area. Any days cancelled due to bad weather will be made up at the end of the school year as necessary.
Policy Revision
Those who decide to attend the MACS do so thereby agree to accept the
standards, principles, and requirements.  The MACS School Board reserves the right to change, by vote, at any time, any or all of these policies to meet and provide solutions to unforeseen circumstances.

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