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General Information

Mission Statement
Provide a distinctive Christian academic environment of excellence where students are enabled to “Go, Sow, and Grow” as disciples of Jesus.

Multicultural Education Policy
MACS utilizes available resources of curriculum, instruction, in-service, counseling, and guidance, to reflect the racial, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural heritage of both historical and modern-day America by observing the following objectives:

  1. Selecting materials and methods that will eliminate bias and stereotype.
  2. Encouraging staff to participate in-service programs that will help them to understand a multi -cultural approach and reflect it in their teaching and administrative duties.
  3. Encouraging all students to grow in self-esteem and to understand their academic human potential.
  4. Guarding against the grouping of students that reflect racial, ethnic, linguistic and cultural bias.

Policy Revision

Those who decide to attend the MACS do so thereby agree to accept the
standards, principles, and requirements.  The MACS School Board reserves the right to change, by vote, at any time, any or all of these policies to meet and provide solutions to unforeseen circumstances.
Parents are asked to sign a permission slip for students to participate in activities off -campus. A student without a permission slip will not be allowed to leave the campus. For field trips that are repeated, such as to the public library or nursing home visits, a blanket field trip form will be given to cover all occurrences.

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