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The Seventh-day Adventist Church recognizes God as the ultimate source of existence and truth. In the beginning, God created in His image a perfect humanity, a perfection later marred by sin. Through Christ and His Spirit, God determined to restore humanity from its lost state. Through the Bible, He has revealed His will to the world, a revelation that supersedes human reason. Through His Church on earth, He seeks the lost for His kingdom.
The MACS seeks to develop our educational program to attract not only Seventh-day Adventist young people to our school, but to be an attraction to the community.
It is our studied aim to develop in our students the desire and ability to serve others and to become leaders wherever they are; to create a desire for higher education that will prepare the students to enrich the world with their abilities, clear thinking, and reasoning ability.  Our greatest efforts will be aimed at leading our young people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We know that this fellowship will prepare them for a rich life of service in this world and for the world to come.
It is our purpose to send the students of MACS forth to continue their education, reflecting the love of Christ to the world, desiring to take their places to serve humanity and their Lord.
An education of this kind imparts far more than academic knowledge. It is a balanced development of the whole person. Its time dimensions span eternity. In Adventist education, homes, schools, and churches cooperate together with divine agencies in preparing learners for citizenship here on this earth and in the New Earth to come.
Any individual who intentionally misuses these resources will be subjected to disciplinary actions of the school as well as the laws of the land.

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